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Looking to future years, we want to continue serving- offering a great place to stay where the gospel can be preached and heard.

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We want to provide:


A new building to accommodate groups of up to 60, with en suite rooms and larger communal areas.

A site with minimal running costs and minimal environmental impact.

A larger occupancy- increasing from weekend and holiday bookings to allow for term time, midweek and midwinter bookings as well.

An increased role for our wardens- employing them for more hours so we can achieve greater occupancy and possibly develop a wider role in the community (building on the Art group running at KCC once a month).


A new facility could accommodate a range of community and local church activities- strengthening local relationships and helping to grow new ones


What happens next?


Discussions and planning have been positive. Pre-planning approval has been granted by Eden District Council and the Trustees and wardens have pulled together results from user feedback and concept drawings to agree an initial plan for rebuild.

In the event of planning being denied, we are also looking into the option of extensive refurbishment of the existing site.


2021 sees the launch of our future plans to those who have been coming to stay here for years and to our neighbours locally.

We will be beginning a fundraising effort, seeking full planning approval from the council, while continuing with planning and working with our neighbours and friends.

It is an exciting time!


How you can help


We value the support of friends who have visited Knock over the years and we very much hope that the plans for our site will bring new people along too. Everything we do is underpinned with prayer and looking to God for provision.


As has always been the case in the Trust’s history, investment can only come from giving- the income from groups provides no surplus. Trustees are resolved that we will not redevelop by going into debt. Therefore, we will only begin this project once we have secured enough funding so we are looking ultimately to God to provide.


Fundraising will be a key part, as plans so far indicate a spend of approximately £2.5 million. This will allow for a build which meets current building and accessibility standards alongside much needed improvement to the current accommodation. We would keep the existing biomass heating and bio digester sewage systems.


The Trust has received one substantial gift for the new build, however a large portion of the total is still needed.

Alongside fundraising, we will also look into help from grant making trusts and local council funding, provided that neither of these hold conditions which may conflict with our Christian aims. We are registered for the purposes of Gift Aid reclamation.


We are keenly aware that in a desperately needy world, our stewardship of such large sums as these is a big responsibility. With this in mind, we are resolved to provide basic but sound accommodation, but where possible we would like to provide a place which inspires, complements the landscape and points to our loving creator God. 

Architect hold plans

Prayer points


We would be grateful for prayer support on the following:


Encouragement and support for all involved with KCC.

Wisdom for the Trust as they proceed, involving many different people in the project and key decisions.

The fundraising effort- carrying this out amid Covid restrictions, hoping to organise a ‘Roadshow’ event at a few locations to present the plans and let people know how they can help.

Wise stewardship of donations, which are given in trust with a shared aim in the gospel of Christ

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